Monday, October 1, 2012

Tsechu...Bless You!

Last week we had a 3 day holiday to celebrate Tsechu, a Buddhist festival that stops the entire nation of Bhutan. The origins of this event are steeped in ancient rites and mysticism, but unusually, Wikipedia seems to offer a good approximation of it...

Because the whole country participates in this day, and thus I could not find even one worker to cajole into joining me at our project site, I ventured down to the Thimphu Tashi Cho Dzong to witness the occasion. And what a spectacle it proved to be!

An open-air, (I have the sunburn to prove it), packed-house of excitement, enchantment and surreal colour, music and movement, all pulsating with unbounded joy for the participants and the audience alike.

Again, my poor little cheap "point-and-shoot" camera was not up to the task. I pointed it and shot it, but could never capture the true magnificence of the occasion.

So this is the best I can offer, starting with the approach to the arena...

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